The application areas for RFID technology are nearly unlimited over all business areas.

The fields of application of RFID / NFC technology are already very diverse.

arfidex® GmbH offers all kind of RFID/NFC TAGs and readers for popular applications and also customised version related to your specification and your requirements:

  • Access control and time attendance: The employee identification card (contactless RFID / NFC ISO card) or the RFID / NFC key holder is used for automated access to the office building or the factory premises. Hotel guests use the digital electronic room key in the form of the RFID / NFC ISO card for comfortable access to the hotel room, to the SPA or sports gym area and to conference rooms or to the authorization of the hotel elevator. 
  • Animal identification: RFID technology is used to clearly identify livestock animals using ear tags or boluses to prevent and control diseases in cattle farming (optimization of feeding technology with permanently installed RFID readers). The advantages of the pet identification (LF glass transponders are mainly used and implanted in dogs, cats and horses) is used to distinguish between the veterinary surgeon and the customs authorities. Transport pigeons receive a ring with integrated LF transponder which serves for the tamper-proof time recording during pigeon races. Breeding fish (salmon, trout, etc.) are marked with LF glass tags to avoid inbreeding and to support veterinarians and breeders in the monitoring and maintenance of animal health and compliance with quality standards in aquaculture. 
  • Identification of containers: The identification of IBCs and other containers made of plastic or metal with RFID transponders helps industrial companies to optimize their inventory of containers and provide users with a clear recognition when filling or removing liquids and other contents.
  • Inventory and logistics in retail: UHF RFID technology directly integrated into clothing, shoes and textiles or in price labels facilitates inventory and inventory control as well as theft prevention and improves availability and reduces costs for companies and consumers. New NFC / UHF semiconductor chips enable combined cost-effective RFID / NFC labels (with one chip and two antennas (one NFC and one UHF antenna)), so labels and tags can be read and identified with the stationary UHF or UHF reader device for bulk reading and also with the NFC-enabled smartphone in the proximity can be read.

          Consumer products with integrated RFID TAGs are marked with the

         RFID Symbol Raute symbol.

  • Maintenance and Service: RFID/NFC TAGs in combination with mobile computers (PDA, smartphone, tablet etc.) are very useful to identify all kind of equipment (machines, engines, sewers / man holes, pipes, valves etc.) which has to be calibrated, inspected, maintained, registered  and serviced frequently to be compliant with legal regulations and to keep machines and equipment running as it should.  
  • Plagiarism protection: Branded items of almost all kinds with integrated RFID / NFC label can be clearly identified as original. In addition, the integrated RFID / NFC label / transponders can be used for inventory and internal logistics / inventory control. Brand manufacturers and traders can easily prove their authenticity by reading the RFID / NFC tag using the NFC-enabled smartphone and also make product use and warranty information available digitally. By avoiding counterfeiting, manufacturers' losses are reduced and quality goods could be reduced price wise for consumers.
  • Vehicle Access: UHF RFID tags (so-called Windshield TAGs) mounted on the inside of the windshield of vehicles allow permanent parking the comfortable access to car parks. Short term parkers use contactless ISO cards with integrated RFID / NFC technology instead of paper labels with magnetic strips. Systems of this type are less susceptible to maintenance because there is no contamination and wear on reading devices. 
  • Waste Bin identification: Garbage containers (wheely bins etc.) equipped with RFID tags make the consumption-dependent and fair billing of the disposal costs possible. The use of RFID technology in this application contributes significantly to reducing the costs of cities and municipalities and thus of the citizens.


arfidex GmbH offers you a wide range of HighTech (HF / NFC, LF and UHF) RFID TAG product portfolios and the appropriate handheld devices as well as fixed-mountable stationary readers. The innovative contactless RFID sensor product family and the industrially usable NFC TAGs open up new possibilities for you to increase your competitiveness.

We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of the right RFID technology as well as the associated system components RFID tags and RFID readers, which will give you the best possible return on investment (ROI). 

We look forward to your inquiry.

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