Apr.'18   arfidex® GmbH und YES it is  France start a future oriented partnership. For more informationen about  YES it is  only one click on the YES it is  Logo is enough:





Nov'17     MINI to MAXI UHF RFID/NFC TAGs for Mounting IN or ON METAL now available to allow the usage of RFID/NFC in rugged hazardous area. 


IN ON METAL TAG Varianten neu 226


Oct.'17     Rugged ABS-Epoxy, Polycarbonate- and PA6 HF/NFC, LF and UHF RFID TAGs are available for Industrial Applications.


ABS DISC TAGs 25 29 40 51 mm 11334mmPA6TAGs 113PC TAGs 12 20 30mm Black 113UHF RFID TAG colours 113


Aug.'17     Prelaminates for ISOcard- and ID-Card Production are available from the @RFID factory Europe I in Sofia.


Inlays Pre Laminates 234 113

Made in Europe versetzt 2 113