arfidex® GmbH is the professional expert company for high-quality RFID (radio frequency identification) system components and software solutions.

Kl Skyline Frankfurt am Main 2015 Copyright Christian Wolf www.c w CreativCommonsarfidex® GmbH operates internationally from the German Headquarters, located in Rödermark, on the outskirts of the Rhine Main metropolis Frankfurt am Main.

The RheinMain location in the state of Hesse is centrally located in the heart of Germany, close to the Offenbacher and Frankfurter Kreuz interchange A3 and A5 motorways.

Short distances to the logistics hub Fraport Rhein-Main-Flughafen ensure very good access to global receipt and dispatch of goods from all over the world.


arfidex® GmbH was founded and has been managed by RFID pioneer and CEO Dipl.-Inform. Udo W. Doege, who has had more than 20 years of RFID experience since 1995 and is an expert of the RFID industry.

Before Udo was for 10 years in leading positions in the semiconductor and electronic components industry. 

arfidex® GmbH offers to B2B customers and system integrators competent advice and a high-tech RFID and NFC product portfolio which includes standard and customer-specific RFID tags, RFID readers and innovative combination sensor RFID tags. 


The international arfidex® partner network ensures the best product availability and quality products from ISO9001 certified production.

arfidex® cooperates with the RFID / NFC TAGs and KOMBI-SENSOR RFID tag companies, the  rfid LogoGroup and is the contact for customers in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

The @rfid Group also has more than 20 years of RFID experience in the development of RFID chips and RFID tags and is the European division of an RFID production company. More than 250 employees in development and production in production centers in Europe and Asia ensure the availability and very good delivery capability as well as product availability of innovative RFID / NFC products. By mastering all important production steps, the development, the processing of RFID chips and the complete RFID tag production, a high product quality is guaranteed.


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 arfidex® GmbH serves B2B customers: enterprises, government, universities, libraries etc. only.